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Dateline: May 21, 2016
Location: Annual FAAC Banquet 2016

Our annual ASTRO JEOPARDY CONTEST was won by these awesome, clued-in, and particularly eruodite amateur astronomers who attended the 2016 FAAC BANQUET. The annual banquet honors the FAAC SIRIUS AWARD WINNER who has displayed leadership and inspiration to our club and the community.

This year's ASTRO JEOPARDY competition collimated //pun intended// on the identification of visual aspects of astronomical bodies by our august group of visual and astrophotographic astronomers in attendance.

The ASTRO JEOPARDY winners are seen above.

A good time was had by all.

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    IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR astronomy in Michigan...

    We're a great astronomy club which has a super interest in astronomy outreach to children and classes in schools, and scouts, and on campus and in university settings...

    in Dearborn and metro Detroit, Michigan (South East Michigan)...

    And want to know more about: telescopes, eyepieces, mirrors, astro photography (image registration and more!), star maps, constellation / planet / nebula / solar sun spots...

    Monthly Beginner's Nights at Island Lake Metropark, and observing star parties there and at Lake Erie and Kensington Metroparks...

    Astronomy mentoring...

    Even the rings of Saturn, Jupiter's Great Red Spot, GEM German Equatorial Mounts, computer planetarium software programs for you and to point your telescope (motor drive)...

    We have monthly meetings
    Come on out
    Ask questions
    Have FUN!

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January, 2014
Club membership totals 185


Our MISSION and Direction
The Ford Amateur Astronomy Club (FAAC), meets in Dearborn, Michigan (48126) and was established in 1992 as a non-profit astronomy club within the Ford Employees Recreational Association (FERA) of Ford Motor Company. Currently, new members do not need to be Ford employees as membership is open to all astronomy enthusiasts.

FAAC is dedicated to encouraging the study of Astronomy, math, the sciences, and related subjects for the benefit of its members and the general public. We are vigorously dedicated to amateur astronomy-related public outreach. The club presently has over 180 members with a wide variety of keen interests ranging from simple naked-eye sky gazing to observing Messier and deep-sky objects, variable star observing, the use of computers with astronomy, and astro imaging.

General Meetings are open to the public and are held monthly in Dearborn at Henry Ford Community College (HFCC) the 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30PM (see Meeting Schedule above for November and December dates).

Beginner's Nights allow you to bring your telescope to a local site before dusk and learn more about it...OR...to talk to others about their equipment before you buy your first set of binocular or telescope, or more equipment. This is HIGHLY! recommended!!

Be sure to ask questions -- don't be shy! We're not mind readers (that's some other club :D...or the state of astronomy before Galileo); we are eager to help you to learn easily and not make the same mistakes we may have. Ask!

We have a productive Mentoring Program for members at all levels of proficiency from beginner newb to expert.


Why Join An Astronomy Club

1st To learn about amateur astronomy and observing techniques. A great way to learn how to observe the heavens is to do it yourself, and our club provides both the training and opportunity.

2nd To interface with others who share your interest in a particular field of astronomy. The best way to learn how to observe the heavens is to do it with the aid of a more experienced observer. Our Copernicus Mentoring program helps everyone learn from the more experienced among us.

3rd To enjoy the social aspect of observing and meeting. Our membership consists of people from all walks of life: from students to medical doctors; ; from engineers and retired engineers to business owners; who all enjoy the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. Our monthly meetings, observing sessions, and annual banquet provide an excellent way to socialize and meet new people who share your interests.

We have two active Special Interest Groups: the Astro Imaging SIG and the The Hector J Robinson Observatory (HJRO) SIG.

HJRO is part of the Lincoln Park School System, in Lincoln Park, Michigan. (more HJRO/LPSO photos) and here.
 NOW INSTALLED! and open for public viewing (on clear nights!) 
    is the new 14" Celestron SCT on a Losmandy Titan mount 
    with Gemini GoTo!!! Watch here for public shows. <<<


Our astronomers staff the very nicely remodeled ( 1 / 4 / 2012) and more comfortable Dearborn HFC Hammond Planetarium with weekly star shows (see "Planetarium 2016 Show Dates" below),

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